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Barbour Publishing, Inc.

The KJV Prayer Map® Bible [Gray Weave]

The KJV Prayer Map® Bible [Gray Weave]

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Improve your prayer life with The KJV Prayer Map® Bible!
Barbour’s Prayer Map® notebooks have sold hundreds of thousands of copies since their introduction in 2018. . .now, that powerful content has been combined with the beloved King James Version of the Bible.
Here are the complete Old and New Testaments, along with 13 sections of Prayer Map® tip-ins—eight-page segments featuring

  • thought-provoking readings from The Prayer Map® Devotional
  • full two-page spreads of the ever-helpful Prayer Map
  • and final pages highlighting prayer-related scriptures and other information

Prayer Maps are printed on heavy, uncoated paper, so you can easily write down your prayer goals, requests, and answers. This Bible makes a powerful keepsake of your own prayer journey!

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