About Us

Blessings to you and your household!  We would like to take a moment to thank you for stopping by and officially welcome you to the nest!  

My Blessed Nest is a Christian home décor company founded in Prince George's County, Maryland in 2021. We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we operate under the leading of the Holy Ghost. Our mission is to share the good news of Jesus Christ through expressions of home décor.  We seek to inspire women to create a nurturing atmosphere for their dwelling place (or as we like to say, "the nest") by providing tools to promote home excellence. My Blessed Nest encourages women to embrace the beauty and comfort of God's love and allow reflections of Christ to radiate throughout every part of their home. 

Inspired by King Solomon's wisdom in Proverbs 14:1a, we believe that "every wise woman buildeth her house..."  It's personal!  It's not just about "Our" Blessed Nest, but we wanted to create an aspect of personalization for each of our customers. Hence the name, "My Blessed Nest."  We must make a conscious decision to build our spiritual house and our natural house on the foundation of God's Word.  We are in pursuit of Proverbs 31, and just like this virtuous woman, our goal is to glorify God in all that we do!

At My Blessed Nest, we are committed to using the talents with which God has entrusted us and our passion for home excellence to inspire women everywhere to care for, preserve, and beautify their homes.  What better way to adorn our homes than with reminders of God's Word? We seize every opportunity to be witnesses for Christ, whether it's through the stories of the biblical men and women in our candle collections, or through a notes of encouragement in our “Thank You” cards.  Our prayer is that our home décor pieces spark a conversation in your home about the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your support! We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you. Be blessed!