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David (12 oz Candle)

David (12 oz Candle)

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Just as David was a complex man, this complex fragrance is a dance between ruggedness and royalty. Earthy green pastures are reminiscent of David's time in the field keeping sheep.  Strong, solid patchouli lingers in the background portraying David's warrior spirit. Oud, often only afforded by kings, portrays the royal lineage of David. Resin, the raw form of rosin (used to prep the bows for stringed instruments), highlights the psalmist's God-given talent.

The David Candle from our His Story Candle Collection features our masculine, matte black, glass vessel topped with a black metal lid. 

Fragrance notes:  green pastures, golden resin, oud, and patchouli.

Net Weight: 12 oz/340g

Burn Time: 60+ hours when burned properly. 

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