Mama Milestones: Alone Time

In one picture… he has been awake all day and was over tired. My back is spasming so I can’t bounce him. I poured a glass of wine and put him upstairs in his bassinet AWAKE and he had alone time for 10 minutes. That has NEVER happened at night. And Mama is enjoyed 10 whole minute of a movie with Dad!

In the other picture… Luke now likes to have alone time 1-2x/day in his pack and play downstairs. When he gets overstimulated I put him in it and he talks to himself (and the moose) for 15min!! This lets me do laundry, get food, pay bills, and do my devotional.

After almost 11 weeks of not being able to be put down… these couple of minutes throughout my day are huge! I love my baby snuggles, but sometimes Mamas need a minute. What do you do when you have a spare few minutes?


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