A Small Prayer

Lord, when our hearts are heavy for a situation or person and you’ve set a fire in our soul to call us to action it is so easy to feel small. We sometimes allow that seed to grow into a feeling of unworthiness and incapability. Lord, help us to take that small feeling and instead let it be a reminder that prayer is an action! We may be small, but you are bigger than anything we face. We can’t do it alone and Lord, let us be thankful of that feeling. It allows us to rest in your goodness. It reminds us that you can do much greater things than any of us are capable of doing. When a situation is impossible for us to fix… Lord, prompt us to pray and be confident in the promise that for you all things are possible. Prayer is so powerful and you have given us a direct line to your glory. You are above all else and will take our small actions and bring big results. Thank you for your goodness. In Jesus’s name we pray, Amen.


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