Help Others In Need

The Lord was truly walking alongside me today. My day began with a very stressful, perplexing, and frustrating conversation with a loved one. Instead of going to classes, I felt the need to spend a few hours with my journal, bible, and worship music. After journaling for an hour or so at Starbucks, I walked to the bathroom and overheard a man on the phone admitting that he had tried to kill himself. My mind immediately turned to a book I head read by Lysa TerKeurst called What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Experiencing Life in Extraordinary WaysIn this book, she describes a moment in her life in which she felt that The Lord was calling her to give her bible to a particular stranger. I realized that The Lord was calling me to do the same thing with this man. I went to the dollar store, but they were out. Next stop was Rite Aid, but still no bibles. I asked an employer walking by if they had any in the back. She said that they didn’t sell bibles, but brought me to her co-worker. Apparently, this woman had found a used bible under the counter a few months ago and could not bring herself to throw it away. She said “I know this is a weird question, but does it have to be new?” I explained to her that the only requirement was that it was a bible and  told them both what I planned to do with it. We all rushed to the counter and when she pulled out the worn and used bible, I knew The Lord had brought these women into my life for a reason. I happily accepted the bible and rushed out of Rite Aid in order to get back to Starbucks before this man left. After tearing up a piece of paper from the car, I scribbled a note and left it with the bible on the table next to him. Each and every thing that happened today led to this man at Starbucks getting a bible from a stranger. I don’t know why I was called to give it to him, and I don’t even know if he will open it in the next five years. However, I do know that The Lord has some big plans for this man, and that He wants this guy to know that he is loved. The best and most miraculous part of my day was that it was an answered prayer. Right when I woke up, I prayed that The Lord would use me in some way today to help someone else. While I am still upset about the conversation with my loved one, The Lord reminded me today that He has a reason for everything. When I was thinking with my narrow mind and being upset because of my own issues, The Lord was using me so that I would end up in Starbucks. Praise be to Him! So, guys, a bad day for you may be a great day for someone else. Don’t spend so much time focusing on your own issues that you forget to help others in need. The Lord will use you, and it is the best feeling!

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  1. I love this post! What a Mighty God we serve! I’m the young lady that God sent to help you that day! We never know when God’s going to use us for his Glory. I just wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing by spreading God’s love. I’ve been meaning to post something for awhile. I’ll check in from time to time. Grace and peace.



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